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When choosing a flashlight consider your applications and the following basic questions:

How bright do you need your flashlight to be?

Is your work at long range or up close up? (LED flashlights works great for short distance while incandescent flashlights can throw light further distances)

Do you need the reliability of an LED or is the blinding power of a halogen or xenon bulb important?

What battery type to use in your flashlight?

Can your budget pay for disposable batteries or does frequent use of your flashlight demand rechargeable batteries? 

Disposable batteries, either alkaline or lithium, have great storage life, 7 and 10 years respectively. They generally offer longer runtimes but are expensive over the long haul.

Rechargeable flashlights using nickel cadmium or lithium ion batteries have a higher initial expense but a lower overall operating cost. You can save up to 275.00 dollars over the life of the batteries. Rechargeable flashlights are well suited for frequent use applications.  They do have a higher self-discharge rate than disposable batteries when in storage.

What type of bulb to use in your flashlight?

Incandescent bulb flashlights both xenon and halogen provide high output for their size and a white, natural-appearing light. Halogen may have longer life than xenon. Both require periodic replacement and can fail on extreme impact. They are easily focused, most powerful, highest performance and top choice for long distances.

LEDS (LIGHT EMITTING DIODES) technology flashlights are very durable and long-lived with up to 100,000 hours of run time. They do not require periodic replacement.  Good for close work. Typically much less power than incandescent lamp but give you longer battery life (run-time)

Combination LED/Incandescent flashlights are being manufactured and giving you the long running times and durability of LEDs with the brightness of an incandescent. Arguably the best of both worlds. 

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