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Some things to consider before you buy an Air Impact Wrench

What type of construction quality and design is the Air Impact Wrench?

As a rule of thumb, the fewer parts an Air Impact Wrench has the less vibration feedback it will provide.  This can be a big issue if you are using the Impact all day long.  Weight of the Air Impact Wrench can also cause fatigue.  Make sure you do not get a heavy unit if you do not need it.

How much torque do you need the Air Impact Wrench to provide?

The torque rating of an Air Impact Wrench is one of the key specifications to consider.  You want to buy an Impact Wrench that will meet your needs without overkill.  If you are working on cars you will not need an Impact with as high as a torque as someone working on large trucks.

What size compressor do you own or plan to buy?

Air Impact Wrenches have a CFM rating (Cubic Feet per Minute or Average Air Consumption) and a PSI rating (Pounds per Square Inch), you need make sure that your compressor can meet these ratings or you will not get the most out of your Impact.

What is your budget?

Like most purchases budget does usually play a part into your decision.  We recommend that you consider what will be the average runtime of the Air Impact Wrench.  If you are using it as a professional were you will be use every day you will probably want to pay for a heavy duty unit.  If you will be using the Air Impact Wrench for your home garage with occasional usage you may be able to buy a less expensive unit. 

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